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Here at Responsible, we want to help inform you about every aspect of equity release; from the beginning of the journey to what happens after you take out a plan.

There is much more diversity in what we see our customers using a lifetime mortgage for and we are seeing new uses daily. Some people are using it to clear off their mortgage, others helping their children get onto the property ladder whilst some are using it to help gift their children.

We have an equity release information center full of regularly updated articles to help you understand equity release, it's uses and how it may be able to help you in ways you hadn't thought of yet.

Do High Street Banks such as TSB, Natwest and Santander etc., do Equity Release?

Currently, most of the traditional high street banks such as TSB, Barclays, Natwest and Santander do not offer equity release products. This is mainly due to failing to provide the right products to customers in the past and there is

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How much equity can I release?

The amount you can release from your property will depend on the value of your property and your age. The plans all come with a guarantee that no matter how much you release you will never owe more than the

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What are the Pros and Cons of Equity Release?

Equity release has come a long way since regulation in 2007, as the UK’s 55+ population seek to safely take advantage of their biggest asset to fund their ambitions. For years, you have been steadily building up the equity in

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How does Equity Release work?

If you are over 55 and are still making monthly mortgage payments, releasing equity in your home may be the answer to your financial concerns. Releasing Equity will allow you to become repayment mortgage free, meaning you can reduce your

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The Responsible Equity Release Jargon Buster

  Equity release can be a tricky concept to wrap your head around – especially if you haven’t yet met up with one of our local, friendly advisers to explain the process – and when countless companies use confusing jargon,

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Defy the SPA Extension with an Equity Release Plan

  Defy the SPA Extension with an Equity   Release Plan   For decades, the state’s pension for women has been 60. It is currently 62 for women and 65 for men. UK Parliament aim to establish equality in society,

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House Price Increase; Great News for Lifetime Mortgagers, Bad News for First Time Buyer

  The Office for National Statistics show that house prices across the UK are rising by £1,000 per month[1].  Property price inflation has picked up since summer which can bring about mixed emotions, as it’s bad news for first time

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Being the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’

      It’s never easy to climb that first step onto the property ladder. Year after year of increasing housing prices has caused the average home deposit to rise around 17%¹ and the average age of first time buyers to 36 years

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What is a Lifetime Mortgage?

      A Lifetime Mortgage is a popular form of equity release, which allows you to access the equity built up within your property to spend as you wish.   It is a long-term loan that is secured against

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Are You Considering Downsizing to Release Equity?

   Are You Considering Downsizing to Release Equity? A more traditional form of releasing equity is to Downsize. This is when you sell up and move to a cheaper property to release equity to fulfil your lifestyle choices.   Things

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Compare Equity Release Schemes

The Most Comprehensive Comparison Service On The Market   We have been fortunate that there has been recent innovation in the equity release and lifetime mortgage market. This does mean for the customer that there are new lenders in place

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How Do I Release Equity From My Home?

If you feel you may benefit from some extra funds during your retirement, then there are a few things you need to know about how to release equity from your home. Dependant on the plan you opt for, interest rates

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