Sell and Rent Back your home. Tap into the equity with a fast sale

Enter your details into the calculator to see if you are eligible for a sell and rent back plan that can help you release the equity in your home without moving.

It is a free and no obligation service and will put you on the right road if it sounds suitable for you.

“Moving house was the last thing I wanted – my kitchen was my pride and joy. Debts mounting meant I needed to do something and a sale and rent back was perfect for me.

Finding out if I was eligible was a very good first step. I requested more information and a chat about my options and went from there.

Mrs Cahill, Leicester
Helping 1000’s Tap into Home Equity
What is a sell and rent back plan?
If you are looking for a way in which to access the money tied up in your home , a sell and rent back plan could be the solution for you. It is a quick and convenient way of solving some of your financial problems whilst remaining in the home that you love.

A sell and rent back plan provider will offer to buy your home, but will also give you a contract that states you have the right to rent your home from them at market price for as long as you wish.

This means you can get cash when you need it most, from what may be your only source. You don’t have the hassle or fees associated with moving, nor do you have to find a buyer for your home. Everything is done for you and made as easy as possible.

How do I find out more about sell and rent back plans?
If you are interested in a sell and rent back plan and would like to find out more, follow these simple steps:

1. Complete the online eligibility calculator above, entering all your details. You will then immediately know whether you are eligible for a sell and rent back plan.

2. If you are eligible, you can request a free, no-obligation chat about the plan. You can ask all the questions you may have and get responses that are personalised to your current situation.

3. After your no-obligation chat, you decide that this is something that interests you further, you will have all the information you need to get the ball rolling.

What are the benefits of sell and rent back plans?
– Many people are ‘house-rich, cash poor’, especially given the current state of the economy. A sell and rent back plan moves the equity in your home to where you need it most right now.

– The equity that you tap into can be used however you wish.

– You can continue to live in the home you love for as long as you so wish.

– There are no age restrictions.

– You have more cash available to you to make ends meet and enjoy life.

– Sell and rent back plans do not affect any state benefits.

– You can release almost all of the value of your property.

What do past visitors have to say about us?

“Putting me in touch with a rent back provider near my local area meant I had someone nearby to call upon when needed. This made the difference. Thank you!”

Ms. Rose

“The whole Sale and Rent Back process was completed in a matter of a week – this was so important as my debts were mounting but I didn’t want to move my house.”

Mrs. Charleston

“I had just spent a fair bit of money decorating before the recession hit and certainly didn’t want to move or downsize just because I had credit card debts to pay. A sale and rent back turned out to be the perfect option for me. I released the equity in my home, paid my mortgage, have some more money to spend and still live in my flat.”

Mr. Gohil

Enter your details into the eligibility calculator to see if you are eligible for a sell and rent back scheme. It is a free and no-obligation service.

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