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Do you want to learn more about your financial options after 55, including equity release and other mortgage products? Get in touch with me, your trusted equity release adviser for Harpenden, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas .

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Alastair Meldrum

CeRER, FPC, MAQ Equity Release Specialist

What is equity release?

Equity release is the act of borrowing against your home to free up a portion of the wealth held in your property and it is one of the financial solutions that may be available to homeowners over 55. The money is usually released in the form of a tax-free cash lump sum, which you are entitled to spend however you wish.

With equity release, you could:
  • Make home improvements
  • Clear an existing mortgage
  • Gift an early inheritance
  • Fund care needs
  • Supplement your retirement income

What is a Lifetime Mortgage?

A Lifetime Mortgage is the UK's most popular equity release product. Much like a typical mortgage, it involves taking out a loan against the value of your home. However, with a Lifetime Mortgage, there are no required monthly payments. Instead, you will have the option to make voluntary interest payments and partial repayments to reduce the total amount of your loan, subject to the requirements of your lender. I will work with you to determine whether you will be able to make these repayments and we can then decide on a solution that's right for you.

How can I support you?

As your local equity release adviser, it's my job to find out more about your circumstances and to help you make the right decision for you. If you choose to proceed with an appointment, I will help you to review your current financial position. Together, we can consider all of the available options that could help you to achieve your goals, and I'll explain how each solution will impact your family and property wealth. My role is as an adviser and never a salesperson. I will never make a recommendation that isn't right for you.

The free online equity release calculator on this page will show you an estimate of how much you could release from your home with a Lifetime Mortgage.

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Learn a little more about alastair.

Alastair Meldrum

CeRER, FPC, MAQ Equity Release Specialist

I have 27 years of industry experience and have been an equity release specialist for the last 7 years. I have a special interest in providing support to customers in my hometown of Harpenden and the surrounding areas. When I am not helping or advising customers I enjoy cycling or sailing.

Independent advice you can trust

I work with Responsible Equity Release, a well-established name in the industry, to bring to you modern Lifetime Mortgage products. I'd like to discuss with you the features and savings of the different plans available.

Choosing to release money from your home is a big decision and it's important for you to choose the right company. I work with Responsible Life because they pride themselves on service and maintain a reputation for offering Lifetime Mortgages from the whole of market, from lenders who have been approved by the Equity Release Council.

This means that I will always offer you unbiased advice. It doesn't matter to me which solution or lender I recommend, as long as it is the right one for you.

“My service to you.”

I offer an initial no-obligation consultation, which can be held either over the phone, or in the comfort of your own home.

Together, we will consider:

  • All of the options available to you, including equity release products.
  • How the different solutions work, the process involved, and the impact to you and your loved ones.

Responsible Equity Release can provide you with advice about all of your available options. If the most suitable option for you is equity release, I will support you with:

  • A Key Facts Illustration (client specific illustration) with specific details about your personal journey.
  • The full application process, including paperwork if you are happy to proceed.
  • A suitability letter that will explain why the equity release product has been chosen, sent after your application has been made.

If a Lifetime Mortgage is not the right option for you, I will refer you for a mortgage comparison, or recommend alternative financial solutions, such as downsizing or using existing savings.

What do my customers say?

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Finding the best plan for you.

We will compare products from across the whole of the equity release market, using only those lenders who are members of the Equity Release Council, including:

Equity Release Council Logo

I am proud to be a member of the Equity Release Council

The Equity Release Council is a voluntary body that aims to promote high standards of conduct and customer facing safeguards within the equity release industry.

My promise to you.

As a member of the Equity Release Council, I will only offer advice on equity release products with the following customer-focused safeguards:

  • The guaranteed right to make penalty-free repayments to reduce the total cost of the loan, plus accrued interest.
  • A no-negative-equity guarantee, ensuring that you never owe more than the value of your home.
  • The guaranteed right to remain in your home until you pass away, or enter permanent long-term care.

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