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Equity release calculator

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Enter the value of your property to calculate how much you can release. You must own a home with a minimum value of £70,000 to release equity.

How much tax-free cash could you release?

Use the free Responsible Equity Release calculator to find out how much could be available to you.

  • Equity release is available for homeowners over the age of 55.
  • Any funds you release are tax-free & you still own the property.
  • Your home cannot fall into negative equity.
  • Equity release can be used to pay off existing mortgages.
  • Friendly support & information from our UK-based Information Team.
  • Call us freephone on 0800 066 2489 or continue online.
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What is the process for equity release?


Step 1

Use our free equity release calculator to find out how much could be available to you.


Step 2

You will get instant results and we will post you a copy of our guide to equity release.


Step 3

A member of our friendly Information Team is on hand to answer questions you may have either by telephone, email or post.


Step 4

If you are ready, you can have a free appointment with a qualified equity release specialist.