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Mortgage Express Equity Release – Reduce Interest and Borrow More

Rebroke your Northen Rock Lifetime Mortgage

How to reduce interest charges by reviewing your Northen Rock plan?

Northern Rock have now withdrawn from the equity release market, selling the portfolio to JPMorgan. Existing customers of Northern Rock should still contact Northern Rock who administer their plans.

Before they left the market, Northern Rock had three types of plan, the Cash Plus, Standard and Protected Equity Lifetime Mortgage. However, these plans have now stopped advancing more money to customers so if you are looking to raise some more capital, give us a call on 0800 012 4180 and we can see if we can switch plans to an active lender.

Alongside Northern Rock ceasing lending, their interest rates were often between 6-8%, much higher than what is offered today, with the lowest sitting at 5.57%. Responsible featured in a recent Daily Mail article highlighting the importance of shopping around and reviewing your existing equity release plan.

You may have an early repayment charge with Northen Rockbut these will be fixed, clear and transparent Some may even be expired by now.. We can assess your plan and if worthwhile, walk you through our equity release review service. Call 0800 012 4180 for your free review service to see how much money we can you and your estate in the long run.