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The equity release valuation process

29/11/2021 |  min read

When considering whether to release equity from your home, you might be concerned that you will receive a valuation of your property that is unfair, a poor reflection of its true value, or biased in favour of the lender.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. To proceed with a plan, there will be an independent valuation carried out from a chartered surveyor. The surveyor has no interest in valuing up or down your property and is chartered, ensuring they have a reputation to maintain as a fair expert.

At Responsible Equity Release, our specialists can help you to challenge any valuation which you don’t think looks right. We can’t guarantee that the valuation will change, but you can rest assured that we guarantee that we will always be in your corner. You can also enjoy the assurance that the lender will never value your home themselves.

If you are interested in beginning the process of taking advantage of the value of your home, call our Information Team on 0800 048 5384 today. To instead discover how much equity you could release, use the free online calculator today.

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