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Who is your local equity release adviser?

16/09/2022 |  min read

Today, Megan Williams chats to one of our equity release specialists to find out about their role in the equity release journey, what makes the job special for them, and why they enjoy working at Responsible Equity Release.

Mike Jones

  • CeMAP
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Equity Release Specialist

Devon & Cornwall

At Responsible Equity Release, we strive to provide exceptional customer service and market-leading equity release advice.

Our Devon-based Information Team partner every homeowner with an equity release specialist in their local area, to ensure that they will receive consistent advice from someone they trust. The selected adviser will support them for the entire duration of their equity release journey.

Mike Jones is an equity release expert at Responsible Equity Release. Based in Plymouth, he provides advice to homeowners in Devon and Cornwall, as well as remote advice to clients across the UK. Mike has 12 years of experience working in Later Life Mortgages and Retail Banking and offers friendly and bespoke advice to every one of his clients.

I sat down with Mike to find out all about his experience as an adviser and to discover why he loves his job at Responsible Equity Release.

Hi Mike! I wonder if you can tell me… What's the best thing about being an equity release adviser?

“For me, the best thing about being an equity release adviser is the impact that the money released has on my clients' lives. As an experienced mortgage adviser, I have helped many people in the past buy properties and re-mortgage, but the conventional mortgage process is very transactional and is often driven by either what can be borrowed, or at what rate. Behind every equity release mortgage is a story – a holiday home in the charming village of Padstow, a once in a lifetime holiday to Hong Kong with no expense spared, or seeing family in West Virginia, who have been on their own since COVID hit. These are the memories that stick, not just how much and what the rate is. This is why I love working in the market I work in.”

Do you feel that it's important to involve family in the equity release process?

“I believe it is very important to involve family members or trusted friends in the equity release process. Quite often, an accompanying family member may well be the intended beneficiary of the funds that a client leaves behind. Involving them in the release process often helps answer questions at the time of the release, rather than in a crisis situation. This means that, at the point a loved one moves into long term care or passes away, the more clinical questions surrounding inheritance are already answered. Family members are free to deal with the emotional side of the issue at hand.”

How would you respond to a customer who is anxious about equity release?

“I would encourage any later life borrower considering any lending option to speak to a reputable adviser. When working with my clients as a qualified adviser, all considerations for later life lending options must be taken into account. We consider whether or not it could be time to downsize and enjoy the equity from a prospective sale, if the rainy day has finally come and it's now time to spend savings squirreled away, or if there could be another alternative to equity release. Only when all of those options are exhausted will a good adviser make their recommendation to take equity release.”

What do you think makes Responsible Equity Release stand out?

“Responsible Equity Release stands tall above the competition because the quality and suitability of the advice we give is the most important measure of success. The motivation for me as an adviser is ensuring that my clients' needs are best suited to the recommended solution. With access to all parts of the later life lending market, I am free to advise my clients on truly the best solution out there. I grew up in the Plymouth area and I love working for a business that operates on a national basis, but with the feel of a small, friendly firm.”

What do you like best about living in your area?

“I enjoy the peace and quiet the Westcountry offers over everything else. Growing up in a small Cornish town, I feel slightly overwhelmed walking down busy city streets. To live in an area where the countryside or coast is a short journey away is always a welcoming thought!”

What one item would you take with you to a desert island?

“Suncream. I have very fair skin, so wouldn't last 5 minutes without some factor 50 on!”

Thanks Mike!

What do you think about Mike's take on being an adviser? Do you want to find out more from your local equity release adviser?

If you have some questions about equity release, or want to arrange an appointment to discuss your personal situation with your local adviser, you can schedule a no-obligation call today. Your adviser will be able to explain the benefits and the potential risks of equity release, including how releasing funds from your home now will reduce the value of your estate and could affect your entitlement to means-tested benefits.

Call the friendly Information Team at Responsible Equity Release and book your personal appointment today.

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